Awards Program (DRAFT)


Establish Salt Lake City as a national theatre destination.

  • Awards are one step to holding ourselves to a higher standard than existing award systems do
  • We want to increase cross pollination of industry members
    • Help more of us be better aware of what other groups are doing.
  • Provide greater visibility for patrons between “good” work and “great” work.


  • Establish a credible awards system
  • Build a more formal Utah theatre industry
  • Gather data on Utah theatre industry scope and impact
  • Use that data for funding, marketing, government relations, etc.


  • Annual Awards – An annual program of adjudication of theatre works in and around Salt Lake City culminating in a Nomination Party (spring) and Awards Ceremony (fall).


    • Partner Theatres
      • Membership Dues: $100/yr
      • Includes 2 Individual Industry Memberships
      • Membership not required to submit shows for awards consideration
    • Industry Members – These are individuals that self-identify as a member of the Utah theatre industry.
      • Membership Dues: $10/yr
      • These individuals may fill out a ballot for any eligible show.
        • Awards – Their collective scores weigh in for 20% of the final score.
        • Industry Recommendation (see below)
      • They also may opt in to receive offers from theatres with special industry discounts;
    • Community Members (individuals / organizations)
      • Membership Dues: FREE
      • These individuals may fill out a ballot for any eligible show.
      • They also may opt in to receive offers from the awards organization or partner theatres.
    • Administration
      • Board – Ensures all activities support the mission of the organization.
      • Adjudication Committee – Oversees the logistics of the judging process.
      • Events Committee – Handles the Nomination Party (Spring), and the Final Awards Ceremony (Fall)

Awards Process

  • Theatre XYZ submits a show to be adjudicated.
  • For each show that Theatre XYZ submits they also submit one individual for the Judging Committee that commits to attending 3 shows (to be randomly assigned, barring conflicts of interest)
    • Cost to submit a show for adjudication is $30/production OR a Partner Theatre Membership ($100/annual) can cover unlimited number of productions
    • Theatre XYZ specifies which categories they would like considered.
  • Three Judges are assigned to Theatre XYZ’s production.
    • Assigned judges receive two tickets.
    • They can attend ANY time during the run, but are strongly encouraged to attend opening weekend.
  • Voting
    • The Three Judges submit their ballots
    • If any industry members see the show they submit their ballots
    • Theatre XYZ encourages patrons to go online and fill out a ballot.
    • Voting closes 3 days after the production closes.
  • Score
    • The final score for any category is weighted as follows:
      • Judge 1 = 20%
      • Judge 2 = 20%
      • Judge 3 = 20%
      • Industry Members = 20%
      • Patrons = 20%
  • Nominations
    • In the Spring, the top 5 in each category are recognized as being nominated for the award. (Nominee Party)
    • Over the Summer, each nominee is featured.
    • In the Fall, the winners are announced. (Awards Ceremony)